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Email Marketing

This is a great way to get any new offers, events, sales information across to your clients. Emails are tracked so you can get statistics on how many people open your email, how many people click through to your site and much more.

As part of Bluemoonit ONE STOP SOLUTION PACKAGE we will send out up to 4 emails newsletters a months to your mail list. We will also help you with tips and I.T solutions on how to collect emails from your customers.

Bluemoonit follows all the rules and regulation about sending marketing emails so you can be sure that we will deliver with confidence. Email marketing as been proved to increased business

Responsive Web design

As more and more people use their Smartphones, to browse and view web content you’re missing out if your website content doesn’t load fast, display properly and utilize Smartphone features and functions. Unfortunately most websites and most likely yours, were not designed or developed to fit on small screens like that of the iPhone and other Smartphones. We can help you make your website more iPhone / Smartphone compatible.

Better navigation and designed for the smaller screen area of the iPhone, Android and other Smartphones give you a competitive edge, fresh look and improved value for your website visitors.

Bluemoonit will develop a responsive website for your business which will look great on Smartphones, Tablets and Pc. We will listen to what you want from your website and develop a user friendly interactive website. We will also host your website on our fantastic servers.

Content Management System

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS), originally set up as a blog publishing device but now used in a more expansive way as a user friendly Web Design tool that allows content to be managed easily with a stable platform, making it the perfect device for use in building a business site. Its user friendly nature means that it can be used to modernise your website with no difficulty, allowing your customers to receive up to the minute updates without you wasting valuable time in doing so

Email Address Set Up

Social Network Integration

Bluemoonit will fully integration of Social network plugins from Facebook and twitter. This will allow your customers to: Like, comment, share

Web Site Hosting

Let Bluemoon IT host your website we can deliver a reliable, leading edge hosting solutions.

Facebook Setup

Not got a facebook account then Bluemoon IT will help set up a facebook businness page for you and link it to your web site so customers can: Like, comment, share

One Stop Solution

Bluemoonit offers a one stop internet solution for your business. Our ONE STOP SOLUTION package contains all the element that will enable your business to reach out to new and old customers. We are dedicated to provided your business with a professional service and we other excellent customer support.

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